The world of printers

printers are defined as peripheral devices used to make representations of text, images and numbers on paper, fabric or any other surface. They are connected to a desktop computer, laptop or even mobile devices either through data cables or wireless connections and can be used by a single person or a number of people depending on the nature of the connection, the printer's capacity and the intended use. Some printers can server multiple functions such as photocopying and scanning which makes them ideal for use in an office space instead of buying an office photocopier and scanner separately.

Types of printers

There are two major categories of printers: impact and non- impact printers. Impact printers use hammers or pins to press an inked ribbon to the paper or surface being printed on in order to transfer the images, text or numbers. Examples of impact printers are band printers, chain printers, dot matrix printers, Daisy wheel printers and drum printers. These are slower compared to non-impact printers, produce a lot of noise, lower quality printouts and use older printing technology.

Non-impact printers transfer the images or text by depositing ink without direct contact between the surface and the printing mechanism. They usually utilise modern printing technology, produce less noise compared to impact printers, the printouts have a higher quality and are faster making them ideal for a busy office environment. Due to their superiority, these printers are more expensive compared to impact printers. Great examples are laser jet printers and ink jet printers.

Printing business newsletters

As competition increases, there is need for businesses to stand out in the market. This could be partly achieved through the use of high quality and vibrant newsletters to communicate with clients and other stakeholders. When it comes to printing newsletters, businesses have two main options: invest in the resources to print them internally or outsource the service to a specialised printing press. But what type of business newsletters are there and what kind of printer is required?

Business newsletters can be categorised based on their intended audience into internal newsletters such as company newsletters and external newsletters such as consumer or stakeholder newsletters. They can also be categorised based on the intended purpose such as marketing and advertising newsletter and financial briefing newsletters. Other categories include: information release newsletters, special purpose newsletters, educational newsletters and so on.

Irrespective of the purpose or the intended audience, businesses must produce high quality newsletters at all times. To do this, they will require a printer that is fast, produces high definition images and text, is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.